• head - helm (spirit stone / voodoo mask / wizard hat)
  • torso - chest armor (cloak)
  • shouldars
  • wrists - bracers
  • hands - gloves
  • waist - belt (mighty belt)
  • legs - pants
  • feet - boots
  • neck - amulet
  • finger - ring


  1. クラス専用武器を両手に装備する
  2. 特定のクラスが装備することを想定したセット
  3. 全クラスで有用でユニークな効果が得られる
  4. blacksmithで生産する


以下、http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/ を参考にした。セット効果についてはバージョンアップで変更される可能性もある。

Blackthorne's Regalia (2) +100 Vitality (3) Increases Damage Against Elites by 2% (4) +5% Extra Gold from Monsters, 5% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
Boots Blackthorne's Boots
Pants Blackthorne's Breeches
Chest Armor Blackthorne's Jacket
Amulet Blackthorne's Medal
Belt Blackthorne's Scabbard
Bul-Kathos's Children (2) +100 Strength, +5 Maximum Fury
Mighty Weapon Bul-Kathos's Sacred Charge
Mighty Weapon Bul-Kathos's Tribal Guardian
Chantodo's Legacy (2) +60 Resistance to All Elements, Regenerates 245 Life per Second
Source Chantodo's Elemental Seal
Wand Chantodo's Sacred Protector
Danetta's Oath (2) +130 Dexterity, Increases Damage Against Elites by 3%
Hand Crossbow Danetta's Fury
Hand Crossbow Danetta's Rage
Demon's Carapace (blacksmith) (2) Melee attackers take 999 Fire damage per hit (3) 1.1% Chance to Fear on Hit (4) +3% Damage to Demons
Belt Demon's Binding
Chest Armor Demon's Cage
Pants Demon's Flesh
Bracers Demon's Manacles
Shoulders Demon's Wings
Endless Journey (2) +100 Vitality, Critical Hit Damage Increased by 50%
Amulet Spirit of Adventure
Ring Wanderlust
Hallowed Armaments (blacksmith) (2) +40 Resistance to All Elements, Increases Attack Speed by 5%
Hand Crossbow Hallowed Avenger
Shield Hallowed Barrier
Mighty Weapon Hallowed Destroyer
Axe Hallowed Divide
Wand Hallowed Rod
Ceremonial Knife Hallowed Sacrifice
Fist Weapon Hallowed Touch
Immortal Kings (2) +60 Resistance to All Elements (3) Reduces damage from melee attacks by 2% (5) +5 Maximum Fury, Gain 5 Life per Fury Spent
Mighty Belt Immortal King's Detail
Gloves Immortal King's Forge
Boots Immortal King's Pillar
Chest Armor Immortal King's Soul Cage
Two-Handed Mighty Weapon Immortal King's Stone Crusher
Helm Immortal Kings' Will
Legacy of Nighttime Whispers*1 (2) +15% Extra Gold from Monsters, 15% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
Ring Band of Fallen Heroes
Ring Screaming Chain
Manajuma's Ritual (2) +130 Intelligence, Grants 5 Mana per Kill
Ceremonial Knife Manajuma's Ritual Cutter
Mojo Manajuma's Ritual Prize
Inna's Majesty (2) +130 Dexterity (3) Increases Spirit Regeneration by 0.33 per Second (4) Gain 10.0 Life per Spirit Spent
Belt Inna's Blessing
Pants Inna's Glory
Daibo Inna's Justice
Chest Armor Inna's Refuge
Spirit Stone Inna's Splendor
Natalya's Wrath (2) Critical Hit Chance Increased by 7.0% (3) +130 Dexterity (4) Increases Discipline Regeneration by 2 per Second
Helm Natalya's Gaze
Ring Natalya's Mark
Hand Crossbow Natalya's Redemption
Cloak Natalya's Shadow
Boots Natalya's Soul
Sage's Wisdom (blacksmith) (2) +35 Strength, +35 Dexterity, +35 Intelligence, +35 Vitality
Gloves Sage's Grasp
Boots Sage's Seekers
Helm Sage's Stones
Shenlong's Defense (2) +130 Dexterity, Increases Spirit Regeneration by 0.33 per Second
Fist Weapon Shenlong's Crashing Tide
Fist Weapon Shenlong's Endless Wave
Tal Rasha's Wrappings (2) Adds 3% to Fire Damage (3) Adds 3% to Lightning Damage (4) Adds 3% to Cold Damage
Amulet Tal Rasha's Adjudication
Belt Tal Rasha's Finespun Cloth
Chest Armor Tal Rasha's Guardianship
Helm Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
Source Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye
Zunimassa's Spirit (2) +130 Intelligence (3) +55 Resistance to All Elements (4) Grants 10 Mana per Kill
Voodoo Mask Zunimassa's Attunement
Mojo Zunimassa's Ferocity
Boots Zunimassa's Journey
Ring Zunimassa's Plague
Chest Armor Zunimassa's Vessel